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Book Recommendations


An alleged feminist utopia built in a world wracked by climate it all that it seems?


Angela Chen really got my mind working!  I appreciate the challenges to the beliefs we've all been handed.


Exploring bodily autonomy and reproductive rights through sci fi, fantasy, and horror!

sex addiction.jpg

Curious about "sex addiction?"  David Ley makes it interesting, thought-provoking, and fun to ponder


Family drama, grappling with childhood traumas, sexiness and gothic castle vibes all in one book!

complex ptsd.jpg

Walker speaks to the heart of CPTSD both from the perspective of a clinician AND a survivor

charm offensive.jpg

Can fairy tale-loving producer Dev help Charlie find his princess?  Whose fairy tale is this, anyway?

kiss her.jpg

Snuggle up to this warm and fuzzy Sapphic Christmas rom com full of family holiday fun and drama!

not over.jpg

A Lambda Literary Award Winner!  Also funny, sexy, and just plain fun to read!  


A queer rom com full of music, missed opportunities, and what it truly means to be home and find your family.

for her consideration.webp

What if a Hollywood job turned into a Hollywood ending?


A warm and fuzzy romance between two queer fat women of color that will have you swooning

Behind the Scenes.webp

"Contemporary Sapphic Rom-Com" with compassionate portrayal of trauma and sexual function issues


The whole Cowboys of California trilogy is not to be missed.  Sexy cowboys, romance, and more!


Will they or won't they?

Come as you are.jpg

Your personal guide to better sex through science!  Also checkout her podcast!  She's amazing!


Fabulous, sexy romance if that's what you're in the mood for!

Integrative Sex and Couples Therapy.jpg

Couples therapists, check this out!  Chances are pretty good your clients have sexual concerns, and you can help!


Georgina and Nathan explore swinging to save their relationship after a breach of trust


I think the title says it all!  Packed full of awesome info, helpful ideas, and personal experiences.

all the things.jpg

A story of queer love and resilience with a nonbinary hero 

em clients.jpg

Everyone is sexual!  Learn how to make sure you are reaching folks on the margins.


What if Sleeping Beauty was into girls.....?


Sexy erotic novel exploring the black, gay, online hookup scene

anonymous sex.jpg

Erotic short stories by famous authors, published anonymously


The always amazing Octavia Butler explores gender issues in an awesome Afrofuturist novel

precious substance.webp

An erotic novel about sex magic!

ethical slut.jpg

How the heck do you do consensual non-monogamy? Find out here! 

deathless divide.jpg

Queer BIPOC heroines battle oppression and the undead

as a woman.webp

A well-known evangelical leader shares what she learned on her journey from Paul to Paula.


Couples therapists:  Learn how to work with sexual issues in therapy


Learn about period poverty, menstrual justice, and fighting period stigma!

illness lesson.jpg

Beams explores consequences of the time-honored tradition of doubting the bodies and minds of women and girls


Compassionate evaluation and treatment for folks struggling with OCSB

right to sex.jpg

Thoughts about porn, having sex with your students, whether men have a "right to sex," and more.


What do we fantasize about?  Is it "normal?"  How do we talk to our partners about our fantasies?


Are you a MH professional who needs to learn more about consensual nonmonogamy?  Here you go!


A black lesbian vampire classic


Octavia Butler gives us sexually fluid vampires with much negotiation of boundaries and consent

against white feminism.webp

A reconstruction of feminism that centers women of color

wake of vultures.jpg

A Wild West themed fantasy series with a trans hero that tackles issues of race, sexuality, gender, and MONSTERS


Definitely check out her TedTalk and her videos and podcasts.


An exploration of what the heck we all "do" sexually


An LGBT Elder interviews HER LGBT Elders 


Go out and read all of her books, RIGHT NOW!  Seriously.  She is amazing.


Learn all about penises from a penis doctor!


Read all of her books to immerse yourself in one of today's feminist voices.


White folks, let's figure this out!


A novel that takes us inside a closed cultural world and the domestic abuse it can conceal


What can you accomplish with your "louding voice?"


An inside look into the experiences of a survivor of predatory sexual behavior by a powerful adult toward a child


Also the author of other awesome books such as "Bad Feminist"

witch hunt.jpeg

This IS a witch hunt.  We are the witches, and we are hunting you.

good guys.jpg

A twisty exploration of how we perceive male violence against women, and how it's portrayed in the media.


I loved this so much, I couldn't put it down!  


Emily Nagoski does it again!  Couldn't put this one down!  So full of useful ideas and strategies it broke my brain.


Full of useful tools and perspectives for poly folks and for all of us, really!

betty martin.jpg

This book is a game changer for touch and for life in general!


A hot fat butch Christmas tree farmer, a manic elf artist, and frantic efforts to save a Christmas tree farm!

pleasure prescription.jpg

Learn about sex pain experienced by AFAB folks and surprising strategies for healing


Revenge, queer witch love, and a competition for the ages in a magical town full of wonders!


So grateful to the friend who gifted me this lovely book.  Check out all of her books, including writing prompts!


Poorly managed stress kills desire.  Let Emily and Amelia Nagoski help you learn to manage it!


How to think about, talk about, and have the sex you really want

coping with premature ejaculation.jpg

Need help with premature ejaculation, get this excellent book!


Anxiety.  Romance.  Sex.  Baking.  

the new monogamy.jpg

Recovering from infidelity?  You need the wisdom of Dr. Tammy.  

better sex through mindfulness workbook.jpg

Your own personal guide to better sex through mindfulness!  


What's not to love about a sexy, Christmas-themed romance in a small town?

open monogamy.webp

A guide to creating your ideal relationship by a leading expert in Open Monogamy!

blue ticket.webp

What happens when women are randomly assigned either motherhood or a career, but are not allowed both?

when she woke.jpg

In a world where violating the "Sanctity of Life" amendment leads to a dangerous and sinister punishment....

bad girls.jpg

Magical realism starring Argentinian trans sex workers surviving and building community on the margins

want me.png

A sex writer explores her own journey with sex and sexuality


What happens when a sex educator and an accountant suddenly co-own a sex toy shop?  Sexiness!

finding normal.webp

Author of the "What it's Like" column explores the experiences of folks with marginalized sexual practices


Trans folks fight an army of TERFS to survive in a world where too much T turns you into a cannibal sex fiend


What's going on in our bodies and brains when we are living through heartbreak?

sensate focus.jpg

Therapists:  Learn a structured approach to more satisfying, mindful, embodied sex

spindle splintered.webp

Forget what you think you know about fairy tales...

pain gap.webp

How sexism and racism in healthcare kill women


Exploring the damage done when we try to "pray the gay away."

getting sex.webp

Using Imago Therapy techniques to get the sex you want!

hated women.webp

Meet forgotten advocates from the Gilded Age who fought for womens' rights to control their own bodies


A memoir of womanhood in America in seven (body) parts

what every mh prof.webp

A must-read for mental health professionals

summer sons.jpg

In their debut novel Mandelo asks:  What if you didn't realize you were in love with your best friend until they were dead?


The tale of the trans grandchild of Katrina VanTassel and Brom Bones


A challenge to the whitewashed history of feminism


An inside look at how powerful systems silence folks who are victimized

healing sex.webp

Support for female-identified survivors of childhood sexual abuse

blog book.jpeg

A memoir about surviving intimate partner violence


Get your hands on all of faer books!  Gender diverse characters and examining of painful issues.


Also check out Dear Ijeawele!


Insights from the internet about what we're up to sexually


A trans hero, written by a trans author, based on trans history.  I love this author.  Read all of their books!


Everything she writes is marvelous!


Learn all about the vulva and it's accompanying parts!


Raising a child of any gender?  


Spinsterhood.  An amazing, empowering life.


After you read this, you're going to want to follow ALL of the authors in this anthology!


An in depth look into some very scary subcultures


Is your feminism intersectional?  Probably not as much as it could be, but you can work on it!


Radical self love...AND she has a workbook!


Also check out Girls & Sex, and all her other books!


Like candy for my nerdy little brain on so many levels!  I gobbled it up in one sitting!


The most disturbing book I've read in some time.  


Magic, chosen family, and very sexy power play round out The Last Binding Trilogy!


Much needed research presented compassionately and respectfully.


Sex, sea monsters, piracy, magic, and lots of nonbinary characters with a variety of pronouns!

queer workbook.jpg

Learn how to challenge internalized harmful messages, handle stress, build supports, and be your true self!


Explore the effects of racialized trauma on our bodies and experiment with practices for healing


Why are we focused on abortion when folks could solve a wealth of issues by ejaculating responsibly?


Full of fantastic resources for therapists AND for poly folks.  Martha is amazing!


The senior ladies group of All Souls Parish decide to make an "erotica" book as a church fundraiser!


Explore what ensues when a father goes to extremes to protect his daughters from the evils of men

coping with erectile dysfunction.webp

Fantastic self-guided tour through coping with Erectile Dysfunction!

magnificent sex.jpg

What can research tell us about how to have magnificent sex?


Looking for a romance novel with a trans heroine?  Here she is!

better sex through mindfulness.jpg

Check out her website for guided meditations to go with the concepts discussed in this book!


Bad boy meets barrister for fake romance turned....something unexpected....


Need help living your most pleasurable and secure polyamorous life?  Check this out?

easy guide.webp

A comic book that busts myths and is crammed with sexiness!  


In a world where the Christian Right takes over the country and women can only speak 100 words per day....

never been kissed.jpg

Will demisexual Wren get his first kiss with the handsome Derick?!  (Of course he freaking will!)


Check out one woman's unflinching examination of her experiences with polyamory

loving animals.jpg

Thinking critically about Bestiality and Zoophilia

holding the man.jpg

Memoir of a couple living and loving with HIV/AIDS


Jones describes growing up in and breaking free from a religious cult rife with sexual abuse

red tent.jpg

Step inside the Red Tent

trans sex.jpeg

Clinical approaches to trans sexualities and erotic embodiments

to paradise.webp

Imagine a United States in which same gender marriage was the norm...


The story of a trans hero based on British folklore


The most disturbing novel I've read in a LONG time explores unrealistic standards for motherhood.

trans medicine.jpg

Explore the history of trans medical and mental health care.  Challenge your beliefs about existing EBM.


Bowen introduces us to trap feminism, and lots of other vocabulary

a marv light.webp

Queer historical fiction full of magic and sexiness!


Owen writes YA novels full of same sex couples, nonbinary folks, and characters that challenge gender roles.


An exploration of womens' lives in a country where abortion is criminalized


Fall in love with queer historical romance.  Read anything by Cat Sebastian!


A look inside the experiences of a survivor and the failures of our criminal justice system


Explore how white feminism has become a weapon of white supremacy and the patriarchy


Erotic blood drinker steampunk series with great consent and respect for boundaries


A story of love, family, and finding where/with whom you belong


An awfully handy book if you have a clitoris!

sexual citizens.jpg

An exploration of sexual safety on college campuses


Challenging how we think about infidelity

mating in captivity.jpg

Exploring the dichotomy of domesticity and sexual desire

so you want to talk about race_.jpg

And she has a new book out!


Get busy in your antiracist journey.  Read ALL of his amazing books!


Start with her book about rape culture, then read the rest of her work!


Challenging what we think we know about domestic abuse

docile two.jpg

I am in love with this novel that trans and queer author K. M. Szpara describes as "really gay."


STIs have never seemed so friendly


Another powerful feminist voice

macho paradox.jpg

Also check out his film Tough Guise

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