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What issues can a Sex Therapist help me with?

Sex Therapists can help us work on a variety of individual issues, and also issues we are having within our sexual relationships.  Folks may visit a sex therapist because they are struggling with a wide variety of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Coming to terms with their gender or sexuality

  • Issues with sexual self-esteem or body image

  • Genital pain or functional concerns (such as erectile difficulties, concerns about ejaculation, painful intercourse)

  • A desire to explore something new like kinky sex or polyamorous relationships

  • Relationship issues such as desire discrepancies, loss of interest in sex, recovery from infidelity

  • Sexual behavior that is out of control or feels out of control (sometimes called “sex addiction”)

  • Healing from sexual trauma

  • Change of life issues such as returning to sex after pregnancy or coping with sex following a medical diagnosis

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