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Meet the Team!

Now that many of us are working from our home offices, the "team" looks a little different than it used to.  Take a peek behind the scenes at the team that makes the magic happen at Sexual Wellness PA.  If you're lucky, you might have a teammate sighting during your therapy session!

rags office mate.jpg


Chief Poo Eater

Rags is a 12 1/2 year old Jack Russell mix adopted from the Chataqua County Humane Society.  She loves being held, eating/rolling in poo on walks when she can get away with it, and can usually be found asleep on my feet during therapy sessions.


Head of Barking at Strange Sounds

Hercules is a 12-ish year-old mystery mutt/former street dog adopted from the Anna Shelter.  He loves being as close to me as possible, watching out the window for my return whenever I leave, and barking his fool head off at other dogs and strange sounds.  He can be found snuggling behind me on my chair during sessions.  

hercules book.jpg
kitten book.jpg



Kitten is a 12-year-old devil cat rescued from certain death in the street as a newborn by the group rescue effort of my family and friends.  He prefers to spend his time eating plants, knocking things off of surfaces, and making sure I never, ever accidentally sleep past the coming dawn.  During sessions he can often be found locked in another room so that he doesn't create a disturbance.

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