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How can a Sex Therapist help me?

Sex Therapists are trained to use a variety of techniques to help people with sexual concerns and will work with each individual or relationship to build rapport, develop an understanding of the concerns, and collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan.  Your therapist will start by asking you to describe your concerns, and then guide you through a detailed sexual history to gather information that will help them collaborate with you to choose the best treatment approaches.  Your therapist will also likely encourage you to seek an assessment from a medical professional for some types of concerns to determine if there may be medical issues that need to be addressed as part of your treatment.

Treatment sessions will likely include some combination of talk therapy, psychoeducation (the therapist providing you with accurate medical information about sex and bodies), experiential activities such as practicing relaxation and breathing techniques, and homework assignments that might include targeted conversations with your partner/s about specific topics, planned date nights, or exploring a variety of guided touch exercises designed to help individuals or folks in relationships explore each other's bodies and discover what kinds of touch are pleasurable in a non-demand, low-pressure safe environment.

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